Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sonic is Here!

So Sonic is finally here in good ol' Santee and so loast night Brad and I and Ben and Jessa decided it would be a good idea to go for dinner and bask in the ambiance that is Sonic. Well we arrived around 7:30 and drove up and past sonic to wait in the line that took up almost the whole dirt road behind it. Well about an hour later we finally got to park our car in the "Stall" and we figured since we were here we may as well take our time so we ordered A LOT of food and of course dessert and finally around 10:oopm we arrived back at Ben and Jessa's. Moral of the story: If you plan to go to Sonic within the next few days/weeks go with a group of friends so that the wait goes by a little faster and you can all joke about how you waited in line for and hour to buy "fast" food. All-in-all it was a BLAST and we will definitely go back it was yummy!