Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lucy turns 3!

Yikes I can't believe my baby girl is already 3!! This year for her party we had a bunch of family meet us at the Corvette Diner and it was so much fun! (Even though the service was terrible!)  We started off her birthday by surprising her with balloons awaiting her when she opened her door in the morning she also got lots of presents and is a very spoiled little girl!  We love her bubbly and stubborn personality and wouldn't trade her for anything!

Halloween 2012

So, this year I set out to make homemade costumes and I have to say I did finish jacks all by my self but many thanks to my mom for sewing Lucy's darling dress.  Lucy was dressed as Little Red riding Hood and Jack was the big bad wolf.  We ate tons of candy and Lucy LOVED trick or Treating and insisted on going to the doors all by herself:) We also got to do some fun pumpkin carving:)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oma's 2012

So we headed on back to Oma's pumpkin patch again this year and had so much fun riding the hay ride, sledding down the cotton seed, petting animals, hay maze and of course picking our pumpkins:)  We have definitely made this a family tradition and I Love it!!

 Ha this picture totally captures everyones personality perfectly !

 As good as this family picture is going to get

 Petting the cute little goats

 "Sledding" with grandpa great one

 My two favorite boys

Lucy and mamma on the hay ride

Jack turns 1!

So this is totally belated but Jack turned one on September 23rd and I can't believe how fast time flies!! Here are some pictures from his pirate party in the park :)
 My tough little pirate

 Yummy cupcakes decorated by my sweet hubs:)


And after :)  Happy Birthday Bud!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July!

Who doesn't love 4th of July! Celebrating our freedom in summertime with yummy food, friends and fireworks!  This year we had a big BBQ at my parents house and it was so fun! Lucy LOVED playing with all of her cousins and kept telling me she was so excited for fireworks and "she wouldn't be scared".  When it got closer to fireworks time we headed over to a street by our house which is right behind where they shoot off the Santee fireworks and this year they were even closer to us! I mean we really got the 4D experience complete with falling ash and particles from the fireworks.  Lucy kept her word and wasn't scared and Jack was so mesmerized that he fell asleep during the show!

 Yummy food!
 Tess, Alex and Lucy

 Tracing Grandpa Great One with chalk

 Happy 4th of July!!

 Just some of our rather large group this year
More of the group...

Sibling Love

My babies love each other so much it just melts my heart! They were watching cartoons on my bed this particular day while I was getting ready and I looked over and Jack had fallen asleep and Lucy had covered him with her arm and her blanket while she continued to watch.  I know there will come a day when they are fighting like cats and dogs but for now I will enjoy these precious moments.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lucy's first time at the movies!

Well the movie "Brave" just came out in the theaters and we thought it would be a great opportunity to take Lucy to see it for her first movie at the theaters!  She loved every minute of it and it was so fun to share popcorn with her like such a big girl!  Come to find out that after the movie the bears had really scared her but she never acted scared in the movie.  SHe was so good and quiet I was so surprised.  Jack got to spend the afternoon with his Great grandma Cooper and Great grandpa Cooper so that Lucy could have a date with just Mamma and Papa.  She was really excited to see Jack when it was over though!