Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Okay so I know it is totally cliche to write new years resolutions but I like to think of it as a yearly "to do" list and it helps keep me focused so here it is...
1. care more about my appearance (as in take better care of myself)
2. Spend more time crafting/sewing and less time watching TV
2. read the Book of Mormon(again)
3. write in my journal more
4. Update Lucy's baby book more frequently
5. Cook dinner more (that's for you Brad)
6. Try to be a more attentive wife/mother
7. exercise more
8. Pay off credit cards
9. Save more money and learn to live on less so I can stay at home with Lucy

These are just a few and they are NOT listed in order of importance, they are all important. I would just like to put one more thing out there, new years resolutions give us that kick start to better ourselves but we can't forget to re-evaluate throughout the year an d put ourselves back on track(I often forget this last step). So to everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope that 2011 proves to be a good year for everyone and if sturggles find you, I pray that you will come through better than before.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lucy's First Birthday

I can't believe my baby is already 1!!! Seriously where does the time go? Anyway, we had a "little" party on Saturday for Lucy at the park. (I say "little" because that is what it was supposed to be, but silly me I forget that brad and I come from two large families who love to get together!)It did end up being more of a production than I anticipated but was still a nice low key afternoon at the park with a little bit of cake to celebrate. I am so grateful to have such great family an d friends around to celebrate with and Lucy loved all of her gifts! She is way too spoiled. So, we are now getting into the toddler years and I am nervous and excited all at the same time. It will continue to be a learning period for all three of us but we are anticipating a crazy awesome adventure!
Lucy and her Great Grandma Cooper
Lucy and her Great Grandma Ida

Grandpa, Uncle Tommy, Grandma and baby Olivia

Halloween 2010

So, this year was Lucy's first Halloween and we dressed her up like a cute little duck.(I figure this is one of the only years she'll let me dress her) We started out with a trunk or treat at my parent's ward on Tuesday then on friday we had our ward trunk or treat and Lucy wasn't quite sure what was going on as far as the whole trick or treating goes. Saturday Brad and I, along with my cousin and her husband, went to a fun halloween party. It was definitely a nice cheap date night! On halloween we carved pumpkins at my parents and passed out candy to all the kids. I can't believe halloween has come and gone, next year we will work on Lucy actually saying "Trick or Treat!"

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bates Nut Farm 2010

Uncle T trying to prove is manhood...

(Grandma, Auntie B, Lucy, Unle T and Grandpa)

So, we headed up to bates nut farm for our halloween time tradition and I just love it because it seems to really kick off the holiday season, (which is my favorite). This year was fun because I got to take Lucy with me, granted last year she came too but she was still in my womb and much easier to handle... actually Lucy was great and she loved looking at all of the animals, pumpkins, and most of all the people(she gets that people watching from her dad...). Unfortunately, Brad was not able to come with us this time so I had to take lots of pictures for him so he could see the excitement and feel like he was there. It was good times, (minus the traffic there AND back)good company and we can't wait to do it again next year!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time Flies...

Wow I can't believe we are already in September! I can't say that I'm not excited though because Fall is my favorite season of the year, I love all of the family gatherings, holidays, cooler weather, the smells and I am even more excited because this year Brad and I get to share all of that with Lucy! I can't believe how fast she is growing up! Here are just some recent pictures I have taken of our funny girl!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Utah 2010

Well for the first 10 days of July Brad, Lucy and I were on an adventure in Utah at my grandparents cabins. The first cabin we went to was the DeBate cabin in Fairview Utah(asmall town outside of some other small towns in Utah...Manti area) Below are some things we got to do while we were there...
so these pictures arefrom Mt. Pleasants 4th of July parade(well 3rd of July because the 4th was on a Sunday and since we were in Utah it was only natural) It was a way small town parade but Lucy loved it...that is until she passed out in my arms from being way over tired...
This was another adventure, wouldn't you believe we actually got SNOW on the 4th of July! Brad was like a kid in a candy store and Lucy and I just wanted to cuddle inside, Lucy is cuddling with my cousin Maddie here.
Here are some misc. pics from around the cabin and a pic of my Grandma Ida and my grandpa Wayne.
These are pictures from one of our Rhino rides (for those of you who don't know what a Rhino is, it's basically an off road golf cart...tons of fun!) This the the scenery around the cabin...breathtaking. Before we left we had to make sure we left our mark...
After that cabin we headed to Provo canyon where my Cooper grandparents had a cabin and there we basically made the rounds to try and see as many people as we could incuding Brad's brother Chris and his family, whom we only get to see about once a year, they were nice enough to take us out on Utah lake in their boat which was so fun! Oh yeah and we also got to see my cousins new baby Brody too!
Overall it was a great trip and Lucy was a trooper! We were sad to be done with our vacation but we are glad to be home in San Diego in our own beds, even if it does mean we have to go back to work...Sorry for the long post:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Camping in Julian

So, over memorial day weekend my family and I went camping up in Julian and it was so much fun! (Minus the 35degree weather the first night). I was a little worried about taking Lucy tent camping mostly beacuse I was afraid that neither of us would get any sleep...but Lucy was born to camp!! She loved being outside and she slept great the whole weekend (again minus the first night, but in her defense it was freezing!) It was so nice to get out of town for the weekend and enjoy the good 'ol outdoors, and now that I know we can handle it with Lucy we are alread ready to plan the next capmout!

This is our new is definitely nice to have a little more space...
Lucy and Grandma freezing on the first day...

Lucy is ready for S'mores!!!

Lucy and Dad at Lake Cuyamaca on one of our outings
Lucy and Mom chillin by the campfire...please excuse my look, this was at the end of our trip...enough said.