Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lucy's first time at the movies!

Well the movie "Brave" just came out in the theaters and we thought it would be a great opportunity to take Lucy to see it for her first movie at the theaters!  She loved every minute of it and it was so fun to share popcorn with her like such a big girl!  Come to find out that after the movie the bears had really scared her but she never acted scared in the movie.  SHe was so good and quiet I was so surprised.  Jack got to spend the afternoon with his Great grandma Cooper and Great grandpa Cooper so that Lucy could have a date with just Mamma and Papa.  She was really excited to see Jack when it was over though!


So, this past week I got to have my cousins Maddie and Morgan come and stay with us!  We had so much fun going to the park, washing cars and playing in the water at the spray park at Santee Lakes!  We even got to have Kennedy (Lucy's cousin) play with us for a few hours too!  By the time all the girls went home we were all exhausted but we would do it all over agin!

 Morgan, Lucy, Kennedy and Maddie
 My happy Jack chillin and the park
 Lucy loving the water (at least for now...)
The big girls running at the spray park

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

This Fathers Day started out great! Lucy got to sing "Daddy's Homecoming" in sacrament meeting with the big kids and she did great!  She looked so cute and little up there on the stand.  After church we had dinner at my parents house and had so much fun with cousins! I am so grateful for my dad for being such a great dad and someone I look up to.  I am also super grateful for Brad for being such a wonderful, fun and caring dad to our children.  I couldn't feel more blessed.

Kennedy, Lucy, Morgan and Maddie 

My smiley boy Jack 

Silly Kennedy 

My Dad, Uncle Don and Tommy 

 Brad feeding Jack, I love my boys!

Having some fun times in the jacuzzi! 
 Brittany and Kennedy
Great Grandpa Cooper with Lucy and Jack
Great Grandma Cooper with Lucy

Friday, June 15, 2012

San Diego County Fair

Unfortunately I didn't get hardly any pictures of our adventure but we had so much fun this year at the fair! Well, we have fun every year but this year Lucy was older and more aware of what was going on and she LOVED looking at all of the animals and we saw the Turkey stampede show which I highly recommend it was so funny!  Anyway, I got to share a yummy artichoke sandwich with my mama and we got to see all of the  what I call "As seen on TV" booths which is always fun :) I love the fair and I have to say that growing up we always went to the fair but never went on rides or played games and we still loved it! I would like to continue that tradition with my kids because I think that just being at the fair with all of the sights, smells sounds and the best people watching around is more than enough fun! Who needs rides that make you want to puke anyway:)