Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July!

Who doesn't love 4th of July! Celebrating our freedom in summertime with yummy food, friends and fireworks!  This year we had a big BBQ at my parents house and it was so fun! Lucy LOVED playing with all of her cousins and kept telling me she was so excited for fireworks and "she wouldn't be scared".  When it got closer to fireworks time we headed over to a street by our house which is right behind where they shoot off the Santee fireworks and this year they were even closer to us! I mean we really got the 4D experience complete with falling ash and particles from the fireworks.  Lucy kept her word and wasn't scared and Jack was so mesmerized that he fell asleep during the show!

 Yummy food!
 Tess, Alex and Lucy

 Tracing Grandpa Great One with chalk

 Happy 4th of July!!

 Just some of our rather large group this year
More of the group...

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Alyson Samantha said...

SO cute!! I wish I could come visit and meet Lucy and Jack!