Friday, June 15, 2012

San Diego County Fair

Unfortunately I didn't get hardly any pictures of our adventure but we had so much fun this year at the fair! Well, we have fun every year but this year Lucy was older and more aware of what was going on and she LOVED looking at all of the animals and we saw the Turkey stampede show which I highly recommend it was so funny!  Anyway, I got to share a yummy artichoke sandwich with my mama and we got to see all of the  what I call "As seen on TV" booths which is always fun :) I love the fair and I have to say that growing up we always went to the fair but never went on rides or played games and we still loved it! I would like to continue that tradition with my kids because I think that just being at the fair with all of the sights, smells sounds and the best people watching around is more than enough fun! Who needs rides that make you want to puke anyway:)

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Alyson Samantha said...

That picture is ADORABLE!!! Also, I'm so glad to see an update! :)